How to Be a Travel Agent – Apply in a travel agency

Guide to to start a travel business

1. Get a high school diploma. Typical for any job nowadays, a high school diploma is necessary to get started. This is the bare minimum for entry into an established business.

  • A GED is fine. Whichever form you choose, it’s essential to get good grades and to learn computer skills.

2. Take classes in travel planning. Having extra, focused knowledge makes you a prime candidate when you walk into any office (or start your own business).

  • Check out your local community colleges, vocational schools, and industry associations for classes. The classes should focus on reservation systems, travel regulations (both domestic and international), and marketing.

3. Know the facts. Before you start any career, familiarize yourself with the market and what you’re getting into.

  • The beginning travel agent makes, on average, around $15 an hour or around $30,000 a year.
  • In the US as of 2010, there were 82,000 travel agents (a 10% rise is projected for 2020).

4. Apply for a job in a travel agency. Starting as a receptionist or assistant can lead to more responsibilities and opportunities to advance while you’re register in a travel agent program.

  • Don’t be afraid to just get your foot in the door. Some companies, like Virtuoso, recommend 20 years of experience before you start working with them.


  • Beware of travel scams that offer “certification” and a website from which to sell travel, in exchange for paying startup fees and recruiting other agents under you. Often these scammers offer “certification” from their own companies, not from professional institutions that are recognized by agencies in the industry. Most people lose time and money when they get involved with “instant travel agent” scams. In short, it’s a pyramid scheme.

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